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Throwback Thursday: New perfusion pump aids cancer patients, June 7, 1973

By Kristy Bleizeffer Jun 7, 2018

In summer of 1973, Natrona County Memorial Hospital took a big step in its treatment of cancer patients.

A Casper newspaper ran this feature photo and a short accompanying article on June 7, 1973. It celebrates the donation of a new perfusion pump from the American Cancer Society.

The article is transcribed below. If anyone recognizes Ray Studer or Virginia Shepperson, R.N., from the photo, please let us know!

Special pump will 'serve' patients

CASPER - Casper's hospital has a special pump to "serve" medication to patients. The device, a perfusion pump, can be used in the treatment of cancer for giving chemotherapeutic agents, according to Dr. Robert Bowden.

The pump will be used to give a carefully measured medication at a carefully measured rate of time, he said.

The pump is a gift from the Wyoming Division of the American Cancer Society.

Throwback Thursday looks back on Wyoming Medical Center’s long, rich history in Natrona County. Special thanks to the Casper College Western History Center, which archives our vast collection of newspaper articles, photographs and other memorabilia; and to "Wyoming Medical Center: A Centennial History," by Rebecca A. Hunt, Ph.D. Information is also collected from a collection of Hi-Lites, Wyoming Medical Center's employee newsletter, dating from 1982-1996.