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Throwback Thursday: 'Hosptials Fun?' - Casper Journal, Aug. 30, 1979

By Kristy Bleizeffer Aug 28, 2014

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Can hospitals be fun? The Aug. 30, 1979, Casper Journal posed that question as a front-page teaser to an article about our Snoopy parties.

The parties featured cake and ice cream and were geared to children who would soon be coming to the hospital for surgeries. The idea was the show children and parents that hospitals weren't all bad.

Unfortunately, the rest of this article was not preserved in the WMC scrapbooks. We can only imagine the stories that appeared on page 2!

#ThrowbackThursday is a weekly series celebrating Wyoming Medical Center’s long and rich history in Natrona County. Special thanks to the Casper College Western History Center which archives the vast Wyoming Medical Center collection of newspaper articles, photographs and other memorabilia.