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WMC by the Numbers: 1,210 babies, 37,897 ER visits, 1,179 employees

By Mandy Cepeda Mar 6, 2015

While you can't measure a hospital by numbers alone, we're pretty proud of those we put up in 2014: 45 minutes average door-to-balloon time for STEMI heart attacks puts us in the top 10 percent of hospitals in the country. 183 strokes treated by a team recently given the highest recognition possible by the American Stroke Association. 17,123 volunteers hours donated by 101 volunteers devoted to serving each and every patient who walks through our doors.

We have several more listed in this 2014 By the Numbers poster and you can compare them to our 2013 numbers here.


There are a few more numbers you won't find on this poster:

  • 55,316 people in Casper who can rest better knowing we're there when you needs us
  • 200,000 people spread over 10 counties and 42,000 square miles who rely on our life-saving treatments
  • 103 years we've served this community from the same location - in the heart of Casper, smack dab in the middle of Wyoming
  • 1 community hospital that serves everyone, from birth to old age, for whatever ailment, at any time of day, no matter their ability to pay

We are proud to be your community hospital.