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WMC Volunteers gift $10,000 worth of equipment to hospital departments

By NJ Olsen May 23, 2017

WMC Volunteer board members Judy Linn, Pam Miller and Evelyn McDaniel (far right) present equipment to the Emergency Department on May 17, 2017.

The Wyoming Medical Center Volunteers granted wishes to seven Wyoming Medical Center departments recently, gifting $10,000 in equipment to benefit patient care.

Each year, a committee of volunteers led by a chairperson from the WMC Volunteer Board of Directors, reviews applications and grants wishes based on what will be of the most direct benefit to patients.

Wishes granted for 2017 included:

  • Handrail scale for Wyoming Endocrine & Diabetes
  • Sara Steady lifting aid for the Clinical Decision Unit
  • A television for the Surgical Unit
  • 10 Chromebooks for Quality and Regulatory for patient education
  • 4 study guides for Telemetry
  • 6 sets of Fidgets for Acute Therapy
  • Wee Vein Finder, three portable Pulse-Oximeters, and a carbon monoxide monitor for the Emergency Department

“I just wanted to thank you and your volunteers for the gracious and generous gifts and let you know how much they will make a difference for our patients in the Emergency Department!” said Corrine Arross, director of Emergency Services.

“Portable pulse oximeters let us know when our patients need oxygen. During busy times, not everyone can be in a treatment room. These allow us to continue to monitor these patients and keep them safe. It also allows us to take a deep breath ourselves because we know they are ok or need extra attention. The "Wee sight" for our kiddos will help us get those I.V. sticks without searching! Can you imagine those poor parents as they look on hoping we get it on the first try?! Let alone the poor scared baby! The Carbon Monoxide monitor will allow us to immediately check levels when patients have been exposed to carbon monoxide and help us treat them more quickly. Your gifts will allow us to do our jobs even better!”

The Wyoming Medical Center Volunteers have worked for 64 years lending their time and talents for the benefit of our patients, staff and community. Funds from the Cottage Gift Shop, funding raising events and dues paid by the volunteers themselves, benefit a number of Wyoming Medical Center programs, including the $10,000 used to purchase equipment.


NJ Olsen is the volunteer coordinator for Wyoming Medical Center. She has more than 15 years experience in volunteer program management, community development and grant writing. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact her at nolsen@wyomingmedicalcenter.org or (307) 577-2794.