Wyoming Medical Center celebrates our volunteers who make a difference

By Lisa Johnson Apr 30, 2018

Wyoming Medical Center honored its volunteers April 18 at our annual volunteer luncheon.

April is National Volunteer Month, a time to recognize and thank volunteers who donate their time to make a difference in their communities. This year, Wyoming Medical Center celebrates 65 years of service that volunteers have contributed to the hospital.

Mike Brelsford was named Volunteer of the Year.

On April 18, WMC volunteers were honored at our annual volunteer awards luncheon at Three Crowns Golf Club. 

The Volunteer of the Year award was presented to Mike Brelsford for his dedication and contribution to WMC. Mike volunteers on the third floor, greeting families of our surgical and ICU patients. He also serves as an escort and frequently mans the Sky Lobby information desk. Mike is a dedicated volunteer who works hard and is always eager to help others.

Six WMC volunteers were presented with the prestigious President's Lifetime Achievement Award: Eileen Coughlin, Marie Hill, Darlene Nix, Carolyn Stapert, Norma Thompson and Kathy Weber. 

The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious award that recognizes those who have achieved the required 4,000 or more hours of volunteerism in their lifetime. The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is the most distinguished award presented for volunteering and extraordinary service. 

The names and hours of those who receive the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award are maintained in the national President’s Volunteer Service Award database and can only be earned once in a lifetime. The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is a tremendous honor and delivers a powerful message that promotes volunteerism.

The recipients of the 2017 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award received an official United States President’s Lifetime Achievement medallion, and an official congratulatory letter and certificate with the official seal signed by the president.

WMC Volunteers who have received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in the past include Joyce Bell, Edith Brekken, Carroll Bushmaker, Delores Chandler, Roger Cook, Betty Durnell, Meg Hildebrand, Jack Laird, Marilyn Maher, Susie McMurry, Senora Olgaard, Connie Reece, Hally Tenney, and Lillian Wright.

Hour bars were awarded to the volunteers who met their 500-hour milestones. Hours of volunteer service ranged from 100 to over 7,500. Years of service ranged from five to more than 30. Some of the volunteers recognized included:

  • 7,500 hours: Jack Laird 
  • 5 years of service: Carolyn Odiorne, Kiki Rooney and Noah Sweeney 
  • 10 years: Judy Linn, Carol Monterastelli, Kay Patchen and Allen Quig 
  • 15 years: Gerry Thorvaldson and Cloe Wambolt 
  • 20 years: Dorothea Baxter,  Betty Durnell, Kathy Hendrickson, Sue Higday, Sheila Kimble and Joe Anne Siebke
  • 30 years: Joyce Bell and Carol Bushmaker 

WMC volunteers enhance the hospital by serving as patient escorts, chaplains, providing information, helping families with a loved one in surgery, working in the gift shop, delivering flowers or books to patients, and assisting in several other departments throughout the hospital. WMC Volunteers are seen throughout the hospital and their welcoming smiles make a difference to patients, families, staff and the community.

Proceeds from the volunteer-run gift shop and other fundraisers benefit both patients and staff through an array of projects. These the WMC Wish List which provides medical equipment and supplies to departments throughout the hospital along with the Caring Closet which provides new clothes to patients in need. The volunteers also support the hospital’s scholarship program and Benevolent Fund.

Please scroll through the photos of our volunteer honorees.

Jack Laird was honored for 7,500 hours of service to Wyoming Medical Center.
President's Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Eileen Coughlin, Darlene Nix, Marie Hill and Kathy Weber pose with their certificates.
Allen Quig is presented with a 2,000-hour bar from Volunteer Board President Pam Miller.
Sharon Sword and Rita Chapman earned 300-hour awards.
Volunteens Debbie Stober, Vicki Row, Nancy Rauchfuss and Patricia Bates.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is volunteer coordinator at Wyoming Medical Center. Call her at (307) 577-2794 or email