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Wyoming Medical Center hires its first Population Health Director

By Kristy Bleizeffer Jul 15, 2015

Population health is a fairly new philosophy in health care. It is a way of measuring and targeting health outcomes of a group of individuals. Groups can be defined geographically, but can also be defined as an array of other groups such as employees of a company or agency, prisoners, disabled people, etc. Across the country, health care organizations similar to Wyoming Medical Center are adopting population health management as a strategy to improve patient outcomes and employee health.

Wyoming Medical Center recently hired its first Population Health Director, Mary Facciani, to help build a healthy balance for its patients and employees. Facciani will work closely with healthcare providers, community organizations and community members to improve health outcomes. She will also oversee the Employee Wellness Program and operations of the Nerd Health and Wellness Center.

Mary Facciani

“Population health is a concept that encourages healthcare providers and health systems to change the way they deliver care,” said Facciani. “It is about promoting health, encouraging early detection and providing preventative programs for specific populations as opposed to only treating the condition. There are not enough providers to continuously manage every patient. Through coordinated care, wellness and patient engagement, population health management can support providers by helping their patients be more engaged and accountable for their own health.”

Facciani has worked in the health and wellness industry for nearly 16 years. She earned her bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and health education from the University of Wyoming and has a master’s degree in health services. She specializes in corporate wellness and value-based health program design. She previously worked as the City of Casper health promotions specialist.

Population health management is imperative not only for the Casper community, but for hospital employees as well. On July 1, Wyoming Medical Center implemented acomprehensive Employee Wellness Program. The program will promote a culture of wellness focusing on the most common health conditions WMC employees experience. Working in conjunction with WMC physicians and allied health professionals, the Employee Wellness Program will support the employee population by promoting the importance of prevention and early detection through health education.

May 10-16, 2015, is National Hospital Week, a time to celebrate community hospitals as center pieces of healthy populations.

“As Casper’s community hospital, we should be at the forefront of population health and wellness. We want to have the model program for all other employers in the city,” said Vickie Diamond, president and CEO of Wyoming Medical Center. “We are excited to have Mary on board, and we welcome her to our team.”

This program is the first step in integrative medicine as we move toward the grand opening of our Nerd Health and Wellness Center. Opening in 2016, the wellness center will bring many additional integrative medicine programs that will be available to patients, community members and employees looking to enhance their health and overall well-being. With a holistic focus on prevention and wellness, the programs will support activation of the body’s innate healing powers and the development of self-care skills to prevent illness and injury. In the event that illness and injury does occur, integrative medicine will complement conventional medicine to improve the healing process.

For more information about Wyoming Medical Center’s strategies on Population Health, contact Mary Facciani, Population Health Director, at (307) 577-2409.